Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Arsenic and rice

Rice is one of the greatest things about Thailand. It is cheap, varied and plentiful. You have your famous Thai jasmine, and you also have black rice, red rice, forbidden rice, and the rice that comes in enormous sacks at Makro, the Thai version of Costco. They should be throwing it off cargo planes into famine-stricken areas instead of making me try to figure out if Leon could get it home by bicycle.

However, the recent Martha Rose Shulman story posted on the New York Times reminded me of something I've forgotten to worry about for months: Arsenic levels in rice!

I eat a lot of rice. Is an arsenic buildup to blame for me no longer being able to hear Leon or Joe? (Joe told me yesterday that my ears don't work. He also said that Dad's face doesn't work.) How about weight gain? I really need something to blame for that, other than my chocolate addiction.

But between googling "home arsenic food test kit" and reviewing the Consumer Reports story of last year, I found out that rice from Thailand is blessedly low on arsenic.

Go, Thailand!

Now let's work on refrigerating those eggs!

Also, Martha, I'm sorry, but a beet green, rice and ricotta pancake just sounds gross.


  1. Haha. Love this column, Kathy. And thanks for the go-ahead on rice. I also read that NYT piece and was worried!

    1. Thanks Pam! At least we can cross one Thailand-related anxiety off our list!

  2. Ive got no idea about Arsenic in rice. But I can tell you theres absolutely no reason to refrigerate eggs! Only eggs that have been refrigerated need to be refrigerated, something to do with it releasing bacteria. I have no idea why refrigerators come with egg holders!