Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some like it hot

Runners trickle in to the finish line. Marathoners started at 3 a.m., half-marathoners at 5 and 10k runners at 5:45.
Running in the heat scares me. I can handle rain, sleet needling into my face, anything short of a blizzard. But here, if I passed out, I'm afraid that an ambulance wouldn't make it through Bangkok traffic before my brain shriveled up from dehydration. And if I'm going to damage my brain, I want it to be doing something fun, like Songkran or Mardi Gras.

But I achieve nothing, especially fitness and weight loss, without deadlines. So I picked a race, put it on the calendar and started logging miles. Then, I traveled, got sick and stopped for awhile. Then I realized the run was a week away. But I decided it was better to reserve my strength and carbo-load. Wasn't it?

Several plates of pasta later, the result was a 12:31 mile over a paltry 4.5-kilometer route, parts of which I had to walk. They gave out nice T-shirts though.

Here's some images from the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon, which also featured a half-marathon, a 10k and my "fun run."

The Grand Palace complex near the starting line about 6:30 a.m. Temperature was 80 degrees with 79 percent humidity. And this is the cool season!

Nothing could dampen this group's spirits.

Shiny happy people.

And gods, goddesses, giant insects and aliens.

And balloon animals! 

Sweaty happy people.

And at the end, ye shall pass through the golden arches and collect yourself a free McDonald's sandwich. I've gotten fond of their Samurai Burger myself. Pork + ketchup = yum!


  1. Yikes! McDonalds is not the best way to end a marathon surely. Loved these photos though,,, thank you. I just signed up to run this year :)