Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One week in New York

Loved going home for my sister's surprise party!

An unsuspecting Sue and family en route to the New York Public Library Saturday.


New York Public Library lion
Loosen up, lion. It's a party!

Here’s the teapot that Dad, Benita and I got her. 

Picard's Peter Saenger teapot
The Peter Saenger teapot

Found it at B.J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington. While we were mulling the purchase, we were told it had been on "Star Trek." Sold.


Leon wishes I hadn’t gotten something connected with Patrick Stewart. He thinks I have an unhealthy obsession with him. I think my obsession is totally understandable.

The next day, big pile of shoes at Mom's house: so Thailand! It’s to save the white carpet.

Shoe pile

On Monday, grabbed some pics of fall leaves from the car on the way to the airport, with the sun coming up.

Fall leaves on Long Island

Fall leaves on Long Island

At Newark I went through the full-body scan, got pat down, had my hands swabbed for explosive residue, and was sniffed by a law enforcement dog in the jetway. They’ve had some bad press over there.

Fell asleep, then woke up in time to see beautiful views of the Yukon and Alaska. 

Yukon from 35,000 feet

Brooks Range in Alaska from airplane
Should I be worried that there's less snow in Alaska than in Canada?
On the Tokyo-to-Bangkok leg, after I tilted my seat back, a guy behind me PUSHED IT BACK UP! I got all New York on him (hard to do while wearing a neck roll). It turned out he didn't speak much English and also wasn't particularly aggressive. He just wanted me to wait until he was done eating. I dialed it down, waited. Then reclined all the way. The man spent most of the flight standing in the galley area. 

My Trader Joe’s run: Fruit leather and Larabars. Other goodies: the new Skylanders Giants pack, season three of "Modern Family," clothes, books, a Saeco coffeepot with built-in grinder, and a basketball. Also, running shoes, Glenlivet and fidget toys for church. And finally, Halloween decorations, fake blood and body parts, and a light-up skeleton.

When Thai people go home for visits, what do they haul back in their suitcases?