Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When televisions float

Today, I felt something I have never felt outside in Bangkok before: Cold.

It may have been the three-hour rainstorm that sent most of the Gulf of Thailand cascading over the city. It is the rainiest month in the rainy season:

From Three hundred millimeters is about 12 inches.
But I had a school bus to meet. So I grabbed our biggest umbrella and set off.

I sloshed by Latri, who babysits for the family next door. She was up to her ankles in rainwater, poking around the curb along our little street in search of the drain.

I made it to the klong. The bridge offered a view of a torrent. Downspouts lining the edges gushed rainwater. Debris swirled by. Bottles. Bags. Paper.


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