Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thai at our pad

One of the things that makes me happiest about Bangkok is the food (despite the distressing lack of refrigeration for eggs).

There's amazing dishes being whipped up at every corner and street vendors selling snacks like bags of fruit, already cut up, for you to munch on as you try to find the address you're looking for in the broiling heat.

Joe, however, doesn't go for the spicy stuff, so our dinners at home are traditional. Our menu so far this week has been tacos, hot dogs and spaghetti -- luckily lots of American foods are available at the local markets.

Joe's school does its best to cover the bases for its Asian and Western students, and I hope the menu is expanding his taste buds a little bit. Here's what Joe is being offered today:

Snack: Fresh Milk, Jam/Cheese Sandwich
Lunch: Steamed Rice, Omelette, Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables, Egg Noodle with Chicken, Quail Egg, Mixed Fruits

But because Leon and I both like spicy food, we sometimes get takeout. We can get Joe satay, which is plain meat on a stick, steamed veggies and rice, while Leon and I can walk on the wild side.

Here's a video of Leon downing a couple of hot peppers, goaded by Joey.


  1. "The spiciest pepper known to his taste buds!" Great videography, Joey! It made me happy to see and hear you all giggling.

  2. HAHAHA!!!! LOL! luv it! so you guys are in your new house now? what an adventure! the food sounds awesome - how hot is hot? here we are at 30 degrees or so, and tired of the gray winter. the groundhogs from ny and suffolk (i forget their names) contradicted each other, so who knows? i am hoping for an early spring - but we could still get a blizzard....bacioni! luv, donna