Monday, January 9, 2012

Good day, and welcome to Day 1

We arrived here in Bangkok late Jan. 2, overpacked bags in tow, for my husband, Leon, to take a job with the Asia-Pacific desk of The Associated Press. We're here for change, for adventure, to get off the hamster wheel and to try to strengthen our life as a family. In December, we rented our house in Greenlawn, packed our things into the attic and onto a container ship, and left New York three days after Christmas. After a visit with Leon's parents in Phoenix, we flew out on Jan. 1.
Korean Air had awesome video games. Also, lots of free movies and TV shows.

There's a strange room next to the kitchen here in our suite. It's a concrete box with a door that can't be unlocked from the inside. Leon says it may be intended as maid's quarters. It may come in handy for other uses, though.

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